Playing Too Long

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Playing Too Long


December 27, 2016

by Jeff Lofvers


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"You get no credit for trying!"

I spotted that phrase as I left a friend's house, it was written in blue highlighter on the wall.

Those six simple words would be the exact jumping off point I needed for today's news. They perfectly summed up everything that is right, wrong, inspirational, and annoying about self-motivation.

I knew I only had a short, 30-minute window to write my news message to you, the readers. No more, no less. I immediately grabbed my phone and typed those six important words. I paused for a moment, took a breath and thought of the perfect first sentence...

And then, my phone died. I couldn't write the news.

It would be hours before I could find a charger, and even longer before I could post this. My brilliant ideas have now faded, and it seems the world will never get to read the amazing post I had in my head.

Sigh... Oh well.

At least I can say I tried.


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